You're it, Saskatchewan!

Green is the colour and football might be our game, but there are 149 other iconic Canadian activities for you to try in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary this year!

Learn more about the ParticipACTION 150 Play List– the ultimate list of physical activities that define us as Canadian - and how YOU can challenge yourself, your friends and your family to check off as many activities as possible this year. The more activities you complete and check off the list, the more chances you have to win weekly, monthly and grand-prize draws.

Most importantly, we aim to be the most playful province in Canada. Share your experiences, tips and special places to play in Saskatchewan. Tell us how you put a Saskatchewan twist on activities like surfing and rock climbing - we bet you can find a way.

You will find lots of inspiration on the ParticipACTION web site - but come back here for Saskatchewan- only incentives, challenges and great information on how to participate in each activity right here at home.



150 Play List